Tuesday, July 2, 2013

adventures of baby...stuff and guess what I have pictures

There are so many things that I could tell you about but life (gratefully) has been super low key lately and I totally love it. I have had the chance to clean my house (for the most part) and go grocery shopping (cue angels of healthy food and no more frozen preservative dinners!!!!). So I don't really want to tell you about the disaster of our second bedroom but I will once it's done. maybe. anyway onto  baby stuff. I have recently been following tons of baby thing makers on instagram. These people make beautiful things. I'm talking beautiful! and I keep having images of moccasins and leggings in my dreams and oh to afford these cute adorable items for my little one would be a dream!
In case I am sounding too greedy and whoa is me I want you all to know how grateful I am for the baby items I have gotten so far!

 My mom went a little BYU fan while we were in Provo two weeks ago (which I love, because I love BYU). And those blankets and burp cloth my dear mom made them while we were in OH.  (no the pink blanket doesn't mean a girl I just have no problem with all colors for both genders).
And let's talk about that carseat cover and nursing pillow. Mom took me shopping in UT at Motherhood Maternity and HELLO! I love that place they gave me tons of coupons (fastest way to my heart). I got these two items about 100$ retail value for 15$ because all I had to pay was shipping. It is amazing. They are both made of this chenile like fabric which is AMAHZING! seriously I can't wait.
And for those that are curious no we still have not bought a couch yet :( BBBUUTTT we found the one! I just couldn't pull the trigger seeing as how the most expensive thing we have ever bought was our rings and uh well that was a battle in and of itself. I may have some PTSD from that experience. We are getting closer which is going to be amazing once we have it.
And lest you think I am a saint I am coveting this rocking plane I found at a unfinished wood shop in Provo. Like want want!!