Tuesday, October 22, 2013

adventures of the stackable boxes DIY

So I have had these acrylic/lucite/ I have no clue what they are made out of boxes since I was a sophmore in college (the first time ;) ).
They were kinda ugly and I used them as shelving in my dorm and shelving in my first apartment and you get the idea basically I used them as shelving.
My mom actually gave these boxes to me she got them at a sample sale when she worked at Limited Brands. They have been the best investment yet.
Anyway Troy kept wondering why we had them and kept asking if we could get rid of them.
I knew they had a purpose somewhere down the line and lucky I stuck to my guns (and lucky there was a large apathetic hurdle he had to get past) because they are perfect for Harvey's room.
So here we have ugly boxes need something to do with them and I don't want to spend one more cent on his room then I have to (just wait for the reveal I am pretty proud of his on the cheap but chic nursery if I do say so myself).
It took me forever to figure out what to do with them but they turned out so great!

Here is how it went down:
PS this project is so super easy and really cheap (if you already have boxes to paint).

2 jars of sample paint from home depot--- any color gloss whatever you can do whatever your heart desires.
Paint brushes from the thrift store like $2.00 max
And patience

All you do is paint. I painted only the outside and bottom of the boxes because I his things will be in these and I am experiencing large amounts of paranoia about toxins and the baby right now. I pray that will fade.

This project took a couple days because I had limited drying space so I could only paint 1 maybe 2 at a time.

And After:
They look so great and I can't wait to fill it with all the great baby stuff he'll need.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Adventures of Fabric Garland DIY

I found this great blog via brickyard buffalo called Little Miss Momma. Can I just say that she is fantastic. I love her style and her DIY are really easy and not super time consuming to do.
So I decided I wanted to make her fabric Garland.
They are super easy like took me a couple hours to do.
I made one big one using 6 different fabrics and ended up cutting it in half and putting half in Harvey's room and half in our room.
They look so great!
I can't even describe to you how much I absolutely love it!!
Follow her directions because that is all I did.
So easy for a quick pick me up for any room.

The only thing I wish I would have done differently is buy cheaper fabric.
The cost ended up being more than I wanted but I am so happy with the end product that I can't stay mad for long ;) )

adventures of the maternity shot

There are few things in life that make me feel more awkward that taking pictures of myself.
 But I would much rather do it than ask Troy because then I would still be taking that same shot I asked for two weeks ago.
He is rather a perfectionist when it comes to pictures.
Anyway I sent my sister an email with pictures of what I look like as a pregger. (She's in Taiwan on a mission so I wanted to make sure she saw the infinite lovely that is Rauchelle pregnant).
As I sent them to her I felt like an idiot.
I'm not sure why but I did.
again it goes back to my loathing of the so called "selfie"
But I figured if I sent them to her I should share them with all of you. (the three of you that read this ;) )
So here you go.

The pictures progress as follows: 22 weeks, 27 weeks, 29ish weeks.
As of tomorrow I am 31 weeks which means I have between 7-8 weeks left (because they are taking me early).
I get a little anxious when I think about it because its going so fast right now.
We are so excited to meet little Harvey James. He will most definitely be our favorite.