Wednesday, March 12, 2014

adventures of Baby Weight

You knew this was coming, especially since I spent thousands of dollars and years studying this exciting information (aka stuff ;) )
sidebar: is it pathetic that when I write sometimes (read most times) laugh at my own jokes. don't answer that.

Onto the baby weight.
over the course of my pregnancy I gained about 44lbs. from the very start to the finish. 
Not too shabby haha. Let's not talk about the month appointment where I had gained 10 lbs. in a month and left the doctor in tears. moving on...
So I took these pictures Monday I also weighed myself Monday and took my measurements (putting that exercise prescription and health class to good use)
Why did I do this? Well I started a 6-week Crossfit at home workout from Simply Sadie Jane. I want to chart my progress and see how I do.
AND this is a great way to stay accountable.

I have already lost 26 lbs. of the original weight
(granted a baby helped with that one) but I am down. And I have started to eat more vegetables and be a lot more careful about what I put in my body ( a post for another day).

So along with this I have decided to not put my starting stats up until the end because I like a big reveal. Who doesn't. Here are the before pictures and I'm starting day 3 today and let's just say last night kicked my trash HARD. (125 burpees-- they were ugly. Like SUPER DUPER ugly but I got it done).
So here we are Day 3. Each week I'll post the new pictures and check in. Let's just say at this point I have 16lbs. until my goal in April which I am not sure I will meet but I am trying.

Super Flattering I know. Victoria Secret called and I had to tell them to get in line ;).

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