Monday, March 3, 2014

adventures at the zoo

I love the zoo! I really do.

There is something so incredibly fun when I get to be at the zoo and see all of these different animals that I wouldn't normally have the chance to ever encounter.

Troy and I have talked about getting a zoo membership for us when Harvey was born.

So for Valentine's Day Troy and I got the zoo membership! I love it!

Harvey sleeps the entire time (with a little bit of awake time but most of the time he is sleeping so it's more for us at this point then him but oh well).

That being said we have already been three times since we got the membership and plan on going plenty more.

 oh mom you're embarrassing me!

 Yeah I am the best!
just cutting off dad's head to fit in the giraffe's.

Why do you guys always do this to me?

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