Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures of week 3 update ( like a week late) ...

As I write this Harvey is asleep in my lap and I am doing this from the iPad so there will be more grammatical and punctuation errors than normal. Sorry not sorry ;).

So week 2 was hard not as hard as three but once I do my measurements tonight I'll let you know how hard it was ;)

I lost three more pounds and another 3/4 of an inch on my hips. Again at the end of the six weeks I'll post the before and after numbers.

I gotta tell you my eating was again on point and I felt good all week. 
Here are some updated photos:

 Three things: 1-my bathroom is a disaster but I did clean it finally on Friday. 2- I am not super comfortable taking selfies but obviously that hasn't stopped me and 3- my push-ups stink. I try so hard  to do them right but I am having a hard time. Push-ups and I don't get along actually anything that requires upper body strength and I don't get along. But I'm trying and that's what counts right? I hope by the end of this 6weeks my push-ups will resemble real push-ups. I'd show you a picture but I'd get laughed at really hard if that happened. And I have to have some semblance of self respect somewhere right? ;)

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