Wednesday, March 5, 2014

adventures of a DIY nursery

I have always been the person who looks through the magazines and says ...yep I want that to look like that and that to look like that.

So Pinterest is my absolute favorite thing in the ENTIRE world. (ok maybe not absolute but definitely one of my favorites!)

And I have to say the pages I look at the most... DIY and DIY. That is all I looked at during my pregnancy. I couldn't fit in any of the clothes and the idea of trying well no thanks.

I loved the DIY page and I did so many (read more than every before) DIY projects that well I pretty much love it and that is all I want to do!

Ok so, I turned our second bedroom into a nursery (which doubles as storage).

I already posted the majority of the smaller projects but here is the completed project in all its glory. And I gotta tell you I LOOOVVVEE it!

The pictures of waves above the dresser/changing table were made at the Relief Society super Saturday. Dresser was from Craigslist after WEEKS of searching. Lamp was a thrift store find (like 8$, who knew lamps were so dang expensive new?!?)

Rocking chair made by my Grandpa Carl
Crib was a gift (purchased from Babies-R-Us)
Rug, which is amazing, i got from Ross for wait for it 20$, not bad right?!?
I was pretty proud of myself I did the whole room for out of pocket 200$ 

As you can see the best accessory is asleep in the crib! ;)

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