Wednesday, March 19, 2014

adventures of week 2

I always have grand plans of posting more than once a week but we've seen how that has gone. I'm going to blame it on nap time being discombobulated as of late.

So here we are week 2 of the Crossfit at home challenge. I weighed myself and did measurements on Monday and I have to say I feel pretty good about the progress. I lost two pounds from the week before. My eating/nutrition was spot on last week. I pretty much killed it as far as food goes.
I really do need to write something about how my eating has changed since having Harvey.

I gotta tell you though these workouts are no joke. They are thoroughly kicking my trash up and down. For example Monday Troy and I went for a run and then I did my workout, yesterday I woke up feeling completely worked over I mean the workout was really short too and I just felt beat down.

On that note I have had to switch around some of the workouts for this week because of my lazy-ness as well as keeping with my Saturday goal (which I also need to talk about at some point- so many post ideas but I digress).

Here are my week two photos. I should have worn the same outfit BUT laundry isn't a real high priority around here snuggling and kissing cute baby cheeks is.

Yeah, I'm still getting the taking a picture without looking thing down. Although it could be considered artsy in some circles, and I wouldn't put it past our "awesome" apartment to have a crooked mirror ;)

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